Want to become a designer with us?!

Amazing! Here are a few of your questions answered!

How much does it cost me to sign up?

It costs you absolutely nothing at all.  That’s 0 dhs.
Instead we will pay you for the sale of an item that features your design.

How much money will I make?

You will earn a commission of 10% per item sold featuring your design on the Habeebee Designs platform.

When will you pay me?

Payment will be made to you as soon as possible, but at the very least by the end of the month following the sale.  For example, if a card is sold on 1 January, the commission will be paid to you at the very latest by the end of the month that follows the sale by 28 February.

We will pay you directly via the bank details you provide to us in your artist account on Habeebee, so make sure you give us the correct bank details, and do not share the details of your ‘artist account’with anyone.

How can I keep track of my sales?

Your‘artists account’tracks all of your sales, shows you what has sold and how much money you’ve made with each card and overall.  As you link your bank account here we will pay you asap on the sales made.
Don’t forget, this platform is purely for your own reference and use, and must not be shared with anyone else –both the log in details or details of your sales tracking.

What designs sell well?

Clean and clear images that are high in resolution sell very well!

  • Clean and clear images
  • Simple and bold designs
  • High resolution is ESSENTIAL (pixilation is not pretty)
  • Messages and text (but not too much text)

What designs can I not upload?

As we are in the UAE, we must respect the local laws and traditions.  This means anything rude, lude or crude cannot be uploaded.
Nothing offensive or with a company’s brand that you do not own the rights to use can be uploaded either.
You also cannot upload any design that you have not created yourself or do not own the rights to sell.

It is your responsibility to ensure you upload eligible designs that you are allowed to sell, and you are solely responsible to address any consequences brought about by misconduct.

I specialise in photography – can upload pictures?

Yes, you can –as long as you are the one who has taken the photograph and own the rights to the image.

I design wedding invites and birthday invitations – will I still earn 10% commission per each card sold?

If the card is sold at full price, then yes.  If you would like to discuss creating a bundle package where the invitations are sold in bulk at a cheaper rate to the customer, we can discuss a sales structure and commission structure for this.

Will you upload every design that I create?

We will upload as many of your designs as we can and think will sell, though may remove some designs if there are too many designs that are similar or won’t sell.

What will you do to ensure I get sales?

We will feature your designs on the Habeebee Designs platform, and may use your designs for promotional purposes.

How many sales you get depends on how much our customers like your design, and how much you promote your designs also which you can do through social media.

How can I promote my cards on my social channels?

Yes! You will have your own shopfront that you can share for people to purchase your designs. We encourage you to share the link from the website and tag in @HabeebeeDesigns on all social media platforms.

I’d love to thank the people who have purchased my designs – can you give me their email address?

We won’t be able to provide the personal details of any customer unless they have asked us to either pass on their details or speak with you directly.

If I want to sell my designs or even cards myself, can I do this?

Yes, you can. The designs are your designs, and you can sell them however you choose.

If you would like to sell your cards with your design yourself and have us print them for you, we can do this.  The costs which will vary depending on how many you would like to print.

I’m showcasing my designs at an exhibition – how can you help?

As we specialise in printing, we can print large banners and even large cards up to 2 meters in height to give you the extra wow factor!

Contact us on +971556361627 with your requirements.

What do I do if I want to end my agreement with Habeebee Designs?

Well be sorry to see you go, and have a ninety (90) day termination period if you decide to stop selling on our platform.  You must notify us formally by email at
After the 90 day period we wont sell your cards any more, however may still use your designs for promotional purposes.

Who do I contact if I have any problems or questions?

You can always reach us on +971556361627 or email us at yalla@habeebeedesigns.com